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This project began as a collection of objects amassed over 17 years. When I moved to London from Ireland my Mother began sending me gifts, they often arrived with no accompanying letter.


At first I hoarded these items even if I had no use for them, they were gifts and it felt inappropriate to give them away. As the years went by I began boxing and categorising the objects. I started reflecting on the purpose of these objects, the compulsive act of giving and my need to archive everything I received. In the absence of words the act in itself became a sort of language of common understanding. 


This isn’t necessarily a project about a mother/daughter relationship, it goes beyond that and becomes about collecting, relationships in general and modes of communication. 


In 2017 I began photographing and categorising the objects, many of which you can see on this website.

The collection continues to grow and all new objects will be posted here and on Instagram as they arrive. 

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