Floral bed design tissue box holder

Smiling cats teapot stand

80's ceramic ladies hat photo frame

Where the wild things are - Emil Toy

Dublin door reproduction framed

Kitten friends magnet

Litter of kittens mini ornaments

Giants causeway magnet

Spiderman mini easter egg

Plastic flowers bell jar ornament

one eyed ceramic cat ornament

Hedgehog potpourri decoration

Fish bowl pet photo frame mini

Irish souvenir ashtrays

Smiling cat tea pot

Irish souvenir mini tray

Curly tail cat ornament

Name coaster

Cat with an arched back ornament

Dingle magnet

Ceramic cat ornament

Ireland souvenir clock

Glass mini cat ornament

Mini framed painting reproduction

White ceramic mini cat ornament

One legged donkey ornament

Large '30' novelty candle

Vintage playful cat ornament

Ireland car air freshener

Ceramic sleeping cat ornament

Irish tower reproduction framed

Flocked pigs on a sofa money bank

mini sitting cat ornament

Micro mouse furry cat toy

Curly tail ceramic cat ornament

Garfield plastic ornament

Pensive cat ornament

Kellogs vintage advert wall hanging

Cat family ornament

Decorative footwear ornament

Large active cat ornament

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Irish souvenir ashtrays